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List Manager Features

Once your promotions have been created, you will need to include a mailing list to send that message to your customer base. These mailing lists can consist of residential or business addresses, and are pulled from different sources within the online application.

  • List Manager is automated, making the selection and purchase of lists quick and simple.
  • Each customer address within the list is validated through CASS certification – to be sure you are sending your message to a confirmed address.

Pull a List
You can upload a mailing list from your computer easily and use it immediately.

Segment Your List
List Manager lets you take individual customers from existing lists and make your own. Take your favorite/latest contacts, and add them to a Contact Group. This list segmentation allows you to be more specific in who receives your communications – perfect for your best customers, or individual’s who use a specific product or service.

Acquire a List
Take our List Purchase Wizard for a spin. Here you can buy the exact list information you’re looking for. Choose location, demographics, customer data, and more to make your own personal prospecting list.

In some cases, contacts may be provided to you by your Network Sponsor. You can integrate this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information into your next promotional piece.





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