Direct Mail

Simple and Easy Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Features

Make a direct connection with your customer using Direct Mail – postcards, custom brochures, newsletters, and other printed pieces. Our online interface makes it easy to use.

  • Step 1
    Select the marketing materials you want to use from the Media Catalog. Then upload your own mailing list, select one you already have, or purchase a new list.
  • Step 2
    Customize your message – from your contact information and special offers, to salutations and images.
  • Step 3
    Schedule, activate, and send your message.

Custom Special Offers
Direct Mail takes your special offers right to your customers. Schedule them to be sent just before your promotions are starting. Using customization options, you can also include coupons to bring in or discount codes to enter online.

A Direct Combination
Like all SproutLoud features, Direct Mail works great solo, but even better when combined with other features, like our Reporting Center:

Use Call Tracking
Add a phone number to your direct mail piece that can be used to track customer responses – plus record, download, and replay your received calls.

Add pURLs
Embed a pURL (Personalized URL) in your direct mail message. Your customers follow the URL to a landing page that contains more information, and you can track everyone who visits that page.

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