Ad Funds

Take Advantage of Funding Offers

Ad Funds Features

Ad Funds can be combined with Direct Mail, E-mail, automated programs such as Custom Campaigns and Auto Enroll, and even marketing collateral you order from your Network Sponsor’s Ship to Your Door online storefront.

1. Where to Start
The best place to start if you are looking for Network Sponsored promotions that offer Ad Funds is the Marketing Planner – or your Budget Center. That’s where you’ll find out if you have available funds to use.

2. Select Your Message
Follow the link from the Marketing Planner. It will take you to the Media Catalog and the specific promotion that is tied to the available funds.

3. Automatically Deducted
When you complete your order, the funds will be deducted automatically from your total to give you the amount you owe – which in some cases may be nothing!

4. Check Your Account Balance
If you want to check your Ad Funds balance, go to your Budget Center within the online application. Here you can review remaining amounts for your Network Sponsored Ad Funds, and check out new Ad Funds promotions.

Dollars & Discounts

Ad Funds can come in many forms:

  • Credits or discounts are applied as soon as you place your order.
  • Fund budgets can be replenished by your Network Sponsor for each item, monthly or annually.
  • Rebates are provided based on guidelines set up by the Network Sponsor and the number of promotions you send out.

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