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Platform Highlights

SproutLoud's online marketing platform takes the guesswork out of advertising your business. With access to brand dollars and marketing pieces, we give you the tools and services you need in one centralized place. Check out some of our platform's highlights and see how easy it is to use.

Ad builder

Ad Builder

Our system allows you to easily customize brand materials with your business information. We do the heavy lifting with the brand to get marketing materials all in one place.

Co-op Manager

Most brands WANT to help you advertise, so they provide co-op money for you to use. Your advertising may be free to you, with no need to fill out complicated reimbursement.

co-op manager


Appointment / Warranty Reminders

Set up triggers to automatically communicate with customers. Reach out to them for appointment reminders, or when a warranty has lapsed. SproutLoud’s email and direct mail services can be used to deliver timely messages to your customers to bring business back.

Web Form Builder

Do you have a website but no way to collect new customer or prospect information? We have you covered! SproutLoud’s web form builder allows you to create custom forms to collect information from new prospects on your website.

web form builder

automated marketing programs

Automated Marketing Programs

Sign up once and it will run automatically for you. Our automated marketing programs are built to grow your business and it’s all done for you using cutting-edge local marketing strategies. Just set it and forget it!

Contact Manager

Your customer lists are yours and yours alone, we just give you a spot to store and use your lists. You’re able to modify contacts, remove duplicates, and filter your list all in one place.

contact manager

response analytics

Response Analytics

Gone are the days when there was no way to determine if a marketing campaign was successful. You can now see what coupons were redeemed, which emails were opened, and figure out which marketing tactics really work for you.

Online Presence

Online marketing can be difficult, so SproutLoud is here to help. With Directory Listings, we make sure that customers can find your business online by optimizing your web properties. Paid advertising is also a great choice if you are in competitive markets and industries.

Online presence

Schedule Social Postings

Schedule Social Postings

Social Media is a huge part of any marketing campaign. SproutLoud’s platform enables you to manage your social media presence. Post to your Facebook or Twitter account directly from our application. Going on vacation? Schedule posts so that you are always engaging your audience. You can even enable the brand to post on your behalf!

Reputation Monitoring

Know what people are saying about your business with SproutLoud’s reputation management tool. We notify you when someone gives a rave review, or a disappointing tirade to provide you a chance to respond quickly.

Reputation Monitoring